Prince Massala Reffell's  Book Collection

P. Massala Reffell's Book Collection

Like the United States which spiritually gave birth to this first modern democracy on the African continent, Liberia has an interesting, inspirational and heroic history.  Liberia, founded just above the center of the Western African coastline in what was known as the Gold Coast, echoes with the trails walked by slave traders and their long lines of slaves on the way to the Americas.  P. Massala Reffell’s subject is the return to Africa of Africans from America – a movement unique in history – bringing with them the light of democracy, and a dream to build an African political ideal.  With the Negro colony of Freetown, Sierra Leone a prelude, The Black Mayflower starts the powerful trilogy with the coming of more African colonialists who would plant the seed of Liberia on African soil. 

In Echoes of Footsteps the saga continues as the democratic venture is assailed by the many ghosts of tyranny, bondage, and violence inherent to African history.  Despite this, Reffell’s work spells out how the roots of African democracy comes from knowledge, experience and wisdom, not the flame of violence which many thought was the answer to African misery.  His work is of such timeliness and relevance that people will miss reading it at the risk of another misjudgment that fomented violent extremism across the continent and its modern history.  Yet, Liberia still stands today.  Therefore the author is asking a silent question of his readers.  Will it, Liberia, be a land where democracy will fully bloom or will democracy finally die here, burnt down to its roots?